The fragrance of RAW mangoes!

This is me reporting. It is 8:24 a.m. it was very humid last night. I was woken up about three o’clock in the morning by the heat. And I found myself in a puddle of sweat. I meditated and then took bath. I heard the morning news and had the coffee as usual. Here in … More The fragrance of RAW mangoes!


Some birds are chirping. Some vehicles are passing by. Some human beings around me. And I am still figuring out some things.. It was the birthday of one of the ex colleagues. During the induction program he was my Chris child. He was from Bengal. I went to a restaurant with him and tasted some … More Birthdays

The noon!

It’s is me reporting. A dog has been barking for some mysterious reason. Some birds can be heard in the fields. A squirrel has passed by. The sky is hazy. Although the Sun has been covered by the clouds the humidity has made it unbearable to function A black bird which is also known as … More The noon!

The Date 🌲 Tree

This is me reporting. It is 8:31 a.m. inside the premises of Gandhi Smarak Bhawan. I just observed a hummingbird on the branch of a mango tree. I can hear the birds chirping nearby. Their twittering is soothing in what is otherwise a hot humid and harrassing climate. It has been suffocating in thelast few … More The Date 🌲 Tree