The noon!

It’s is me reporting. A dog has been barking for some mysterious reason. Some birds can be heard in the fields. A squirrel has passed by. The sky is hazy. Although the Sun has been covered by the clouds the humidity has made it unbearable to function

A black bird which is also known as crow calls out in a harsh voice. A man came walking towards us to buy some raw mangoes. Young dog named Kaalu also visited us. You can see a bullock cart from here. This transcription like the one before is also for my communication skills class. My student is working in capacity of being a mango seller. The noon looks quiet. Mongoose entered inside the library, came out, and then again entered inside the library and then again came out and then again entered inside library and again came out and then finally went south.

A mild breeze is blowing now and it it is soothing for our skins drenched in the Sweat. Ambulance sirens can be heard and also horns of some of the vehicles passing from the nearby road. I have been speaking for about 15 minutes and now it is the time to start discussion with my student on whatever has been spoken so far.

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