Mystic Dancer!

This mystic dancer has enslaved me! I think only about it, I talk only about it, I long only for this union, It tastes sweet, sounds sweet, feels sweet; This ancient dancer is limitless, It dances in the golden hall of gnosis, It is ambrosia, It’s Immortality, It’s clarity, It doesn’t judge, It’s all goodness, … More Mystic Dancer!

Pure Being!

1. I have begun the third iteration of registering books in library. 2. Took some time to read Vinoba Bhaave’s commentary on Vedas. 3. Last few days have been interesting self discovery. 4. This mystic dance which fills every inch of space within and without is my sole object of study and search now. It’s … More Pure Being!


The supreme beauty Has no form! The supreme dance, Has no movements, The supreme music, Has no notes! Wonder of wonders! It picks its subjects at random, Makes them feel like it does, And they sing songs mystified about, Its nature and grace, Since they know, In a world which only gives one, What’s deserved, … More Unfathomable!


Oh supreme dancer, Where art thou feet? Head, face and eyes? All heads are your heads, All faces your faces, And all feet are your feet! Oh supreme damsel, What can I sing about your ineffable beauty supreme? Words return, From the threshold of your shrine, With silent dazed faces, The form of your presence, … More Form!

Moth and Flame!

Am I a moth in the flame? Or flame in a moth? Or both? The same, A form and a name, A game, As the moth, I am burning with bliss, Can’t wait this eon of mothship to sink, In the blink of cosmic eye, Can’t be truly a moth, Or even a semi awakened … More Moth and Flame!

Uniqueness of Experience!

It’s the only experience, Which uses all senses together; It’s seen as magnificent dance made of jewels, It’s heard as divine melody consisting of variegated instruments, It’s tasted as ambrosia, A sublime honey, And felt throughout the body as divine mingling with mundane, Making it divine, It also has the fragrance, Akin to camphor, Soothing … More Uniqueness of Experience!


You’re ambrosia! Seeing you ambrosia. Inside me ambrosia, And outside me ambrosia; Your touch is bliss, Your taste exquisite, Feeling you ambrosia.


1. It’s like a friend you know and yet you don’t. 2. All the mystics and some poets have talked about it. They became one with it. They came from it. It was playing in them. It became itself when they truly found themselves. 3. They allude to its effects as footprints on sand. Everyone … More It!

I sing along with others!

Beautiful birds are chirping sweet, They were singing its praises, I was saved by it, From becoming someone who is praised and then not praised, I was saved from ego deaths, All its praises are my praises, I sing along with others.


1. No people. 2. Noise. 3. Hunger, thirst or disease or fatigue. 4. No business or calls. 5. No distractions or thoughts or 6. Pitfalls. 7. hinder me or obstruct my vision. 8. This rendezvous is perfect. 9. I feel accomplished.