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1. Played 13 vocabulary jams on on 16.1.2021 and 17.1.2021. 2. Here’s the summary of ranks i received: 2222221121111 3. Today I received second rank only once. Yesterday I couldn’t receive first rank even once. 4. Summary of my scores: 460 750 760 695 840 800 660 410 380 620 670 685 760 5. … More Score Analytics!


1. I need some rest. It has been a long and eventful day. 2. Shabbath: in the name of homework she had only copied a verse in good handwriting. Since she was bored we played a game of verbal intelligence which became interesting after I understood the rules. I scored 100 more points overall. Maybe … More Shabbath

2G internet speed!

1. At 22:00, tucked in the quilt which I bought in Bangalore, after a nice, memorable walk as streets were almost empty when I was returning, thrillers of vocabulary jams on as stadium was empty, until the caretaker decided to lock me out, and I went to sit on a bench outside the number … More 2G internet speed!