The Date 🌲 Tree

This is me reporting. It is 8:31 a.m. inside the premises of Gandhi Smarak Bhawan. I just observed a hummingbird on the branch of a mango tree. I can hear the birds chirping nearby. Their twittering is soothing in what is otherwise a hot humid and harrassing climate. It has been suffocating in thelast few … More The Date 🌲 Tree

Malar Shin Cheekbone Djinn! Aleph Meme Kin, Alex Baldwin.

1. Malar Malhar malaria Aria. 2. Bridge Gopal Nopal PayPal. 3. Dumbbell bellwether bicycle. 4. Green Samoset Yellow Brigade. 5. Bicycles bullet bulletin tintinabulation. 6. Air conditioning is conditioning by air. Rare vair. Tony Blair. Witch project. Conjecture surmised. Sedona belladonna. 7. Witnessing singularity ritzy Caravan. 8. Madeira Ira Pongal gala lingam gamla lambda molybdenum … More Malar Shin Cheekbone Djinn! Aleph Meme Kin, Alex Baldwin.

The List of Movies!

This is a response to writing prompt list: 1. Inland Empire: By David Lynch. Mystery. It’s still the best mystery movie I have ever watched. It’s crafted using a dreamlike sequence of images. His silent movie Rabbits is included into the narrative to create a brilliant effect. I was, am and shall always remain in … More The List of Movies!

Who Moved My Team?

Thank you, Ben and WordPress team and my readers, for your constant support and feedback. I would like to take the last clue as prompt support. 1. If I were to choose a team of superheroes from people dead or alive, fictional or real: first of all-very difficult to choose; because I have more suggestions … More Who Moved My Team?