The Sunflowers, Candles, Discussions!

1. Played 7 vocabulary jams. Spotted Claire G in one of the jams. She along with PC are only contestants who consistently score in access of 900.

2. I scored first rank once and in most of them second ranks. Stephen D scored well. There were 60 to 100 players on an average. More than ever before.

3. I acted as a tour guide to show Walter MacFarlane Glasgow Ku Klux Klan iron pillar to a journalist. The pictures captured by tour guide to organic farming kitchen garden were beautiful to say the least:

4. The question is: how many guides were there. The meaning of Urdu word ‘Nida’ is ‘Voice.’

7. The Ku Klux Klan pillar shade has eight flaps, eight petals, eight floor blocks. The two iron lions are painted yellow. The tailless lion has staff. Staffless lion has tail. Elise and Christophe.

Here’s the verse:

The tailless lion has staff

Cattail cattle

Prattle talk

Staffless lion has tail

Tailgate ail ate a bit late,

Old door

Ancient enciente

Sun flowers Cauliflower

Spineless reptiles

Tiles satellites stalactites

Lower registers gone

Protest against farmer’s suicide by Youth Congress
Youth Congress against farmer’s suicide

8. Couldn’t help but notice them entering with shoes inside library. Then some of them giggling as others were giving interview. If they were really serious about 06:06– there should have been a silence. Some of them were promoting their rooms for to-let. I collected candle packets and they would be burnt tomorrow.

9. Suicide is a serious issue.

10. They burnt 13 candles inside. About 25 outside. I recalled Geoffrey Ashe’s Gandhi: A Study in Revolution

11. It has been an eventful day.

Image credit: Sunflowers: Krishna Kant Mishra, Gandhi Smarak Bhavan, Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

Candles: Self.

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