Log 0812021

1. Had carrot halwa with librarian and naturopath to celebrate the birthday of the naturopath. A four planet stellium in Sagittarius is the actual cause of his being fond of Osho who had a five planet stellium in it. A Virgo. Atmakaraka Saturn in Sagittarius.

2. Uprooted some carrot grass plants from field. The word ‘Nidai’ means weeding. Took many pictures. Internet and earphones acted up dramatically.

3. Had some giant spinach leaves to eat. Narrated Popeye the sailor man to those present.

4. Trip to a field and hospital. First time in elevator in hospital.

5. Another interview with sportspersons. What is the English name for Malkhamb gymnastics. Mal masa and Malkhambha.

6. Registered 22 titles in library. Looked into horoscope of three people. Attended candle protest.

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