1. The library has seven entries and exits.

2. As i began sweeping and dusting off i recalled tomorrow’s meeting of grade three government employees union presided by Trilok Singh. Trilok means ‘three realms.’ The full name means ‘The Lion in three realms.’ Vinoba wrote a book called ‘Third Power,’ which has many copies in library. What he meant by third power wasn’t government class three employees. It shall be covered in another thread. Three realms: earth, heavens and the underworld. Hinduism calls third power as ‘Maheshvara or great power of dissolution.’ The word ‘Sanstha’ or ‘institute’ means ‘dissolution’ or ‘pralaya.’

Library, Gandhi Smarak Bhavan Chhatarpur
Three entrances and exits
Light and Air!

3. Wanted to burn garbage. It’s drizzling. It took me an hour to sweep.

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