1. What comes afterwards puzzles me. It’s a mystery. The infinity aspect of it is an assurance against boredom and it also confirms that loops which bore are essentially because of ignorance. 2. Ignorance and darkness seem like highest knowledge but there’s a difference. The enlightenment can’t be apprehended fully by human faculties of reason. … More Mysterious


1. The library has seven entries and exits. 2. As i began sweeping and dusting off i recalled tomorrow’s meeting of grade three government employees union presided by Trilok Singh. Trilok means ‘three realms.’ The full name means ‘The Lion in three realms.’ Vinoba wrote a book called ‘Third Power,’ which has many copies in … More Drizzle!


1. Listening to music and checking the blog. I had some rest before I heard them reading my mind again: in their tone. 2. Cleansing the drainage line outside this house was made difficult by voices. I knew they won’t let me do it because they need a polluted environment to operate. 3. I burnt … More Routine

Eyes Wide Open

1. The parrots were feeding on the same ground where I had uprooted carrot grass as my first field exercise two years ago. It drizzled as I was walking and then as I was taking the class. I had a tea and water balls. 2. The black moth is flying. I sometimes think: when I … More Eyes Wide Open


It’s the world photography day. A squirrel is trying to nibble at the blue shirt hanging on a pillar. A lizard looked out of ventilation of the bathroom yesterday, near the same place as it was raining cats and gods. Dragonflies and horseflies, Buzzing zing, Amazing birds, Though he charges ten rupees per tea, How … More Nowhere!


I saw an ant. The ant was looking for an easy meal. After having finished the tea with snacks: I went for a walk. The scenery was breathtaking today. The weather has been kind of kind in the last few days. I finished reading the book last night. Dark groves behind the shade. Dark black … More Mystery