What Did He Do Then?

I had given up keeping the count of DeZa Woos because they were useless. My nightmares were too dark hence I tried to become a utilitarian but could not qualify. How I was aware of the treachery of the people of DeZa Woos! Ghanshi used the word B I T * H The world is a world of conspiracy; and so is DeZa Woos. Dddddd The nightmare didn’t give me the time or the inclination to complete the story. He used it to compare untrained tongue to a female dog. It was in his book on fast. I think she dogs would have gone to fast unto death a. k. a. Anna Shunn if they had read him……

. One night in despair, the man vowed to do something to improve the condition of his family. The night was so dark it made an utilitarian out of him and DeXzxa Wooode were noose oozes. Just like the time that he cried Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiin in a nearby town. Tintinabulation ablution the first time in India. Tintinabulation ablution the second time in India. The way of living. The problem was the terrible tax on fast women like his friend’s wife. What do you think about it? It’s the problem of taxes in India.

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