Exclamation mark!

I went on a regular walk. There was nothing to remember but a certain dancer did grab my heart with an unaltered force. Was it love? I knoweth not. I do wonder how it works. I used to be an obsessive compulsive user of exclamation mark: now I meet some people who have exclamation mark as the permanent expression on their faces. Today, I met someone who has an exclamation mark as her permanent expression. I wonder what makes permanent expressions on their faces. I have only one picture from my early childhood: it’s a worried child. Why do you think a child of one year old should have such a burden on his face? I knoweth not. If I had some explanation of how children grow I should have the answer to my question. Nothing really happened in my life. I was just watching others create wonders. I never had any story. They were all running after the money which was supposed to give them the happiness. It didn’t. My folly was to expect them to be as humane as I was. It was my only ailment. But I paid heavily. Nothing new happens in my life. They were all trying to win the favor of the crowd, the money to make them happy. I had a few questions which have evaporated now and a few rhymes which I should try to write later. But, still, my life is like a deep pool where one can’t see the bottom.

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