More fiction!

1. It’s raining. I am not helpless anymore. I walked a bit more than usual today and the most interesting synchronicity happened in the afternoon: I was walking, as if in some circles within one colony for many minutes. I forgot the mask first at the house where I took a class. Since I had walked a few steps I considered it easier to buy one than to go back and pick it up. I asked on the shops but they had none available. I went back and asked only to hear from the peevish lady who had paid my fee today. I trudged towards my house and had couple of toasts before I could decide on whether to use bike or walk. I chose the latter. As I was walking back again a call from the delivery boy with tally counter. It’s a good day but not an easy one.

2. As I was walking towards the next class: I saw the police van in the same street where I was beaten by the black commando for not wearing the mask. I saw a guy being escorted by the police as his family members were fed of his drunken temper tantrums. I knew the guy.

3. He was my classmate. In the previous lockdown he asked if he could borrow some money from me. I had only started teaching and jobs were not many. I had merely two fifty rupees. I had spoken to him once before a few days prior to that. I tried to look at his horoscope but proper data wasn’t available.

4. On the mobile repair shop appeared a strange lady with a boy. She was smiling mysteriously and asked me if I wanted to buy a rudraksha. A one mouth rudraksha. I recalled that earlier this day I was talking about it with the old man on tea stall while I observed that he wasn’t wearing the beads since last few days

5. Similar to the previous pig carrion episode: a dog’s dead body was being feasted upon by the murder of crows. The day before: it was howling like a wolf looking at the sky as i entered the hall of gems. I had seen a pack of brown dogs marching behind its leader. They were seven in number and the last one was a cripple.

6. I asked the taxi driver for lift as he was smoking a joint. He said he was fine with it but there was a dead body of a girl who had died after an illness. Another actor committed suicide. I walked. Something violent happened in Lebanon as I was told when talking about the dynamite. She had confused the spelling of ‘noble’ with Nobel.

7. She keeps giggling. He is eerie. I meet strange men and women and kids who consider me strange. It’s 🐝 raining but it’s not enough. It’s never enough.

8. An injured bird. Head injury. Muttered something strange before flying away. I am glad to be here now.



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