Thusday Notes

1. A fan sings on this shore.

2. Thank you.

3. I am travelling and teaching.

4. I am learning and making new friends.

5. Friends or family members are lovely.

6. I am finally on my own.

7. I met Laotzu. I saw his face well. I let the hypnotists see me. I have been to the hall of gnosis before. I am here. I saw a mystery. A Paheli. I saw Nidhi one. The verse created by the most profoundly compassionate damsel was the fruit of all good I had ever done. She showed me a squirrel. And I saw a man who called me Amarjeet.

8. I could understand what it’s like to be a child again. To walk on the terrace and the street. There was a great show in which all my friends and teachers were participating. They had no masks at all. Their shining brilliance and understanding made them feel perfectly fine.

9. I can’t say if they were one or many. Positive or negative. Alive or dead loses meaning here.

10. Narayana. Vaasudev. Govind. Hari. Har. Gandhi. Buddha. Guru Nanak Dev. Ramalinga. Ramana. Shiva. Ram. Ganesh. Indras. Students, teachers, cyclists, architects, actors, cricketers. I met them all. I saw my own hypnosis and conditioning and deconditioning.

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