1. I bowled forty times and walked four rounds. It makes the count 100/10. It was difficult to get the body warmed up. The constant inflow of vehicles created dust inside the ground. The Ravana came with bands. Kids who were playing began laughing : so did I. This is the most minimalistic Ravana you have ever seen. And early morning they cracked some crackers. After having read an article in Dainik Bhaskar when I was thirteen or fourteen years old: I never ever bought any. I did burn some which were freely available. The article talked about billions of rupees getting wasted within a few minutes. Compare it with celibacy: if a masturbator enjoys to waste the food consumed : it should be upto him or her: like it should be upto those who burst crackers or eat them.

2. Since then : it has been two decades: how much of country’s wealth I saved. And influenced how many. Here I am defying age old traditions. This is the most minimalistic of Ravanas. If everyone in the city donated ten rupees, which they do via taxes: lighting and creation of Ravana can be maintained.

3. I could only see nine heads representing nine holes of bodies. The tenth gate or the tenth dimension which is much appreciated in gnostic tradition is looked down upon by Vaishnavas. The tenth gate here is a mule: a crossbreed of horse and donkey. Saint Eknath did see the almighty who was hidden in a donkey. Ravana was Jaya and Kumbhakarna was Vijaya. Protecting the Vaishnava temple: the prime guards. Sanatkumaras or Laxmi according to different versions were responsible for cursing them for being too loyal and proud : they incarnate only to get repeatedly killed by Vishnu in forms of Varaha, Narasimha, Rama and Balaram (Krishna.)

4. The flaw in the story: Vaikuntha shouldn’t have anything lacking as it’s beyond Maya: governed by Yogamaya: no higher or lower or ruler or ruled should exist: as it doesn’t in Kabir’s Avadhoo Begum.

5. Archons are ruled by Saturn. The legend says that Ravana couldn’t control Saturn. It was the cause of his death.

6. Shaivas have Ram as a heroic character: the story of Aryans gaining control of southern lands by winning over aboriginal people of Indus valley as per some researchers (citation needed.)

7. Except Hanuman, Vibheeshana, Vyasa, Ashvathama, Baali and couple more: no individuals gained mastery over Yama, death or aging as per Vaishnava tradition. The South Indian Siddhars have Vallalar, Nimbarkacharya, Madhvacharya, Patanjali, Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Vyaghrapada, Agastya and Nayanmars who attained mastery over death, decay and aging merely by chanting namah shivay.

8. The highest abode is goloka, Vrindavan, Vaikuntha, Eden Garden, Kailash as per various accounts. I haven’t come across them. I have only seen price tags for every pub and game show.

9. Burning effigies is poetic. Gandhi was killed by a Nathuram. Some call him Mohandas and others call him Rama. Natha tradition is snake charmers: boasting of Matsyendranath and Gorakshnath.

10. Ravana is most glorious of villains ever born in the indian subcontinent: Arjuna who had thousand arms was later portrayed as a disciple and friend of Vaasudev Krishna Yadav in the epic Mahabharata. If you delve deeper you would find a fight between this or that. Factions inside factions.

11. Buddhism and Jainism remain respected philosophies because of non-violence. Their highest products: beggars who appear like kings or kings who appear like beggars. Hinduism says: Rama and his in-law Janaka were both renunciates and jnanies of highest order. What about Ravana? If he was Brahm and living in one of the highest abodes: why did he fall? Laxmi or Sanatkumaras: represent virginity. Ravana along with his owner weren’t perfect.

12. Valmiki was an illiterate robber. He then became a devotee chanting Rama. Mara. Devil as per Buddhism. Saturn who eats up all his male children as per Nag Hammadi. The short first verse in Sanskrit which he wrote is said to portray the pain he felt vicariously for one bird: Craunch bird : the male. It was killed by a hunter. Orion. Death. Like Krishna was. The short note on Rama in Bhagvata says : the story is basically to highlight how lustful people have to suffer like Rama did. Note: Bhagvata by Vyasa doesn’t call Ravana lustful: it called Rama so. the hero of Ramayana. When I told this to the head of ashrama in Vrindavan: he got furious: himself being a householder: householders would go at any length to defend the premise: even if it’s to defy the literature they venerate and thrive upon.

The comment I read clearly stated that female bird didn’t have any lustful desire to procreate. Shiva in make and Shiv in female. Aviation. Rama and company steal flying plane which is faster than light( Einstein?) and it’s called Pushpak. They board it and yet they reach home after twenty days? Partying somewhere in between. Maybe.

13. Why was Lankavatara Sutra written? Buddhism was taking revenge on Hinduism. Scientists who had better understanding of time travel and machines. All Hindu codex was systematically corrupted: merely some life saving emergency material remained.

14. Which is the religion with most number of adherents? Christianity. Buddhism. Islam. Hinduism. Judaism. Zoroastrian religion. You have the winners. Who is running this show here? I am.

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