Grand Success!

1. It was the only public event in which I participated in the year 2020. It was a grand success. 2. Yesterday evening: someone working on lighting told me that it was supposed to finish within one hour: 6 to 7. It actually finished by about 8:30. Which means a ninety minutes lag. It was … More Grand Success!


1. I had some sleep using white noise. 2. I used to see Kingfisher on Dussehra. One of the granduncles used to show the importance early morning. I had been going on walks in August and September but here I have been working on bowling inside stadium and didn’t observe any kingfishers. Today morning: as … More Kingfisher!


1. I bowled forty times and walked four rounds. It makes the count 100/10. It was difficult to get the body warmed up. The constant inflow of vehicles created dust inside the ground. The Ravana came with bands. Kids who were playing began laughing : so did I. This is the most minimalistic Ravana you … More Googly!