1. I had some sleep using white noise.

Face of Ravana: 10th head is mule!
Torso of Ravana!
Legs of Ravana! Crackers!

2. I used to see Kingfisher on Dussehra. One of the granduncles used to show the importance early morning. I had been going on walks in August and September but here I have been working on bowling inside stadium and didn’t observe any kingfishers. Today morning: as I was relaxing after having bowled: a kingfisher was spotted. What are the odds? Divine.

3. Air is getting cold. You need some caution regarding water and air consumption. I read Laladyad’s verses for my student. The poet from Kashmir was said to be one of the very few ladies like Meera who attained perfect enlightenment and sang verses. I did ask her whether she found verses by Kabir to be more effective and she agreed. Kabir was prolific: like Tulsi and Shoor.

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