Ashvatha Three!

1. The blind man with stick. I helped him cross the road. I didn’t tell Shri about it. But as i was asking her questions: she told about “Andhadhun,” the latest movie she has watched. The protagonist is shown as a blind man. Now it’s a strange synchronicity.

2. The paths were clear near the schools where counting was being done. I counted the steps between the two dustbins as I walked towards Gandhi Smarak Bhavan and back: they came out to be: 127 or 128. It tells about my height and vitality: as usually it’s just 150.

3. A bus was going to Hrishikesh. Sun is going to South: the current is stronger than the eternal: hence Satyamev Jayate. Seth always wins!

4. I was shown this strange dream. It has become true: the greed which was in my sibling’s room came to mine. I saw its yellow colour: the habit of accumulation. Wisdom is golden wisdom. Compassionate distribution. I was shown a passage where my house was in a condition of two decades ago. All of the neighborhood was gone. A son of Seth was driving a bicycle and I reached to the Gandhi Smarak Bhavan after the firing incident. I was shown a higher path by the secretary. It’s what was shown in the dream.

5. What happens now: I went to see the third storey. They sacrificed me repeatedly. As soon as we sat to study or meditation their hammers came in. The vision was good but I was unsure if the roof or the foundation will stay for long! So much for dreams. Ganesha dream: and others: imagination can play Havoc on you but the real event is nothing.

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