Permafrost Terma Might Bite!

1. 28 books were registered yesterday and 10 books today.

2. Spent some time reading an appeal against vaccination by one of the participants in an ongoing demonstration near city hospital.

3. Spent about 33 minutes as a help to change the rod in library. It’s still not working.

4. It took an hour to remove termite eaten book remnants from the rack number fourth of almirah number 12.

Terma termite

5. Took two hours to visit Bundelkhand Mega Mart Fair to buy two lowers. T-shirts still need to be bought.

6. A Tohu Verse to celebrate a successful day:

Terma termite might terminate might

Ate a bit late

Such a low rate

Berate be rate gateway to eternity

Perma frost bite might reach

Your height permanently

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