I realized: Self or Bliss alone matters!

Why should I waste my time describing things which prove to be mere diversions?

It’s for bliss that we seek diversions.

When I realized Self : it was bliss with me : always remaining by my side, well melted in my mind, in my heart, never leaving.

It took some more transformations to convince my mind that there’s nothing else I needed to pursue but merely to sing songs appreciating what I had arrived yet.

The conviction became unshakable, firm and profound.

This absolutely quiet blissful dance of reality is my home, my nature and my love.

If I don’t talk about it: some dark elements come dancing for a while which are soon kicked out or flushed out.

I prefer talking about it. It’s reality. I see carcasses chasing dreams. I don’t think I want to pursuade them. In them also: I see the same dance of reality. Bliss. I think, feel, reflect, read and write about it: about reality. Reality which eludes Science and which is beyond human mind made itself known to me. It assumed my form by mingling well with me.

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