Articles 21 and 22 COI

Article 21: Right to education.

Article 22: Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases.

Article 23: Prohibition of exploitation and forced labour. Prohibition of employment of children in factories etc.

References: Constitution of India 2019 updates in English pdf.

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17 thoughts on “Articles 21 and 22 COI

  1. Thank you so much for sharing such a valuable information on the Constitution of India which every law abiding Indian Citizen must know. Definitely looking forward to reading more of these posts.

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      1. The kabbalah teaches: Moshiach builds the Beit Hamikdash. Which ever Generation builds the 6 Cities of Refuge …meaning – the generation who empowers the 6 Small sanhedrin Federal lateral common law Courts; Ends hatred without cause among our People. NaCH, the earlier codification of Common Law Halachot ruled by the lateral common law Jewish courtrooms,,, Following attaining Independence for the Free Judean 2nd Commonweal. No Jew can exclude other Jews from their equal inheritance to the Oral Torah פרדס logic system. A revelation from HaShem, which permits all later generations equal רוח הקודש spirits to interpret the Written Torah only with this logic format… learning a case by means of bringing previous, similar case- rulings from earlier lateral common law court rooms – meaning precedents determine law. The abstract נמשל of the concrete משל Halachic ritual – organized into nice tidy subjects. The Torah NaCH Writings Mishah Gemarah Midrashim Siddur teach: All positive time oriented mitzvot, they all breath k’vanna. Tohor defined\interpreted/ “tohor”__–, https://www\\ דאורייתא ודרבן.middot.measurement comparisons__–,

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      2. Relying upon the משנה תורה to interpret the k’vanna of the Written Torah.
        Young Torah students traditionally begin their initial formal Torah education with ויקרא. The opening פרק of ויקרא contains two sugiot: א – ט, י – יג. The Torah opens with the commandments concerning dedication of a korban olah. First rule of Torah instruction: the Torah commands mussar. What prophetic commandment of mussar does this opening פרק of ויקרא, its two sugiot instruct?

        HaShem never commanded korbanot. Therefore if a person never makes a search for the mussar vision of Moshe, then that person has never learned the Book of ויקרא. To study Torah mussar requires affixing the משנה תורה of the Book of דברים to the Book of ויקרא. Further analysis likewise affixes the Books of the Prophets, the mussar which these later prophets command likewise interprets the mussar k’vanna of this aggaditic Written Torah.

        This commentary shall study each sugia separately in its דרוש pursuit of prophetic mussar דאורייתא k’vanna. A slightly distant precedent; דברים ו:כ – כה. HaShem delivered Israel from g’lut Mitzaim, to rule the oath sworn lands with righteous justice. Korbanot therefore serves as the public commitment made by the generations of Israel, to dedicate our lives to achieve this destiny.

        This משנה תורה precedent of law, does it define the k’vanna of the opening sugia of ויקרא? Does this precedent separate the substance of Torah faith husked away from the klipah of Torah religious ritualism?

        Another slightly distant Torah precedent: יא: כב – כח. Korban avoda placed upon the House of Aaron opens and closes with a korban olah dedication. Positive time oriented commandments require k’vanna. What precisely do these opening and closing korban Orlah dedicate? By this precedent – the Blessings and Curses of the Torah. Another slightly distant משנה תורה precedent: יג: ז – יט. This slightly distant משנה תורה precedent refers to cases wherein family or friends or entire cities worship the golden calf, they translate the first Sinai Commandment רוח הקודש Spirit Name, unto word names of alien Gods which the lips can easily pronounce.

        Still another slightly imprecise משנה תורה precedent: טז: ט – יב. Chag Shevuot – remembers the bondage of Egypt. As we count the Omer following the first night of P’sach, so too prior to Chag P’sach we remove the חמץ of avodah zarah. Developing a good eye toward the weak, poor, and dispossessed among our people…the opposite of how Par’o treated Israel in Mizraim. Still another slightly removed משנה תורה precedent טז: כא – יז: ז. Again the Torah emphasizes the stringencies against avodah zarah assimilation as the most severe crime of דיני נפשות. By this precedent the daily public korban Olah dedicates a strong sanctification to remove and cleanse the land from assimilation to the customs and customs of peoples who never accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai.

        Still another slightly distant משנה תורה precedent כא: י – כג: ב. This משנה תורה addresses the subject of how a bnai brit man should conduct his affairs towards his wife and children. This Torah views hedonism as a crime of דיני נפשות.

        An exact precise precedent כד: יט – כה: יט. This משנה תורה defines the k’vanna of the korban oleh as a solemn dedication unto HaShem not to assimilate and duplicate the ways, manners and customs practiced by Amelek. The oath sworn lands have a dedication to uphold Torah defined justice among and between our bnai brit allied People.

        Now compare this prophetic mussar with ישעיה כו: טז – כז: יא.and marvel at the vision of the prophet toward his people. Woe to our people who grow to despise the oath korban oleh dedication to rule our land with justice and fail to behave toward our people with a righteous good eye.

        The second sugia also addresses the subject of a korban oleh. How does the משנה תורה interpret the k’vanna of this Torah sugia? A slightly distant משנה תורה precedent יב: כט – יג: א. This prophetic mussar warns against assimilation to the customs and manners practiced by non bnai brit Goyim. On this precise יסוד does the Prophet Moshe set the commandment which forbids not to add or subtract from the Torah. Meaning all later generations have a Torah obligation that they base their laws upon Torah precedents and Prophetic mussar commandments.

        A precise משנה תורה precedent: כג: ג. The strict command concerning Mamzerim. The logical deduction links the manners of Amelek with Mamzerim. Contrast this mussar to that of ישעיה כז: יב – יג the vision of redemption from g’lut. Herein the משנה תורה וישעיה define the k’vanna of the opening chapter of the Book of ויקרא.

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                  1. The basis by which Israeli strategic foreign policy endeavors to negotiate with India and the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

                    The non-alignment movement (NAM) promotes neutrality and opposes military alliances. The NAM provides a forum for developing countries to interact constructively with developed countries. The Panchsheel Resolution: POLICY OF RESISTING COLONIALISM, IMPERIALISM, RACISM:

                    i) Mutual respect for another’s territorial integrity and sovereignty
                    ii) No retaliation against one another.
                    iii) No intrusion into each other’s personal lives.
                    iv) Equality and mutual benefit
                    v) Coexistence in harmony.

                    Israel rejects and opposes attempts by foreign nations to determine the international borders of the Jewish State by any foreign nations which do not share a mutual international border with Israel. Distant foreign countries who attempt to determine the international borders of any other country which they do not share with an international border, whether conducted through “diplomacy” on an Ambassador level, or by means of the UN General Assembly resolutions and\or Security Council, that all such attempts violate international law by the crime of imperialism, and possibly racism.

                    The Charter of the UN does not empower this post WWII establishment organization; the UN has no mandate to negate the internal domestic Sovereignty of any nation. How much more so, foreign powers possess no mandate to determine or establish the international borders of any non-neighboring countries with which they share no common border.

                    Furthermore, any attempt to transform a stateless refugee population into an independent nation; any attempt to carve up one nation by means of an international proxy alliance, with the objective to establish any refugee non nation into a nation, with the intent to cut this refugee non nation away from any actual pre-existing nation, like British imperialism did with the artificial borders of India and Pakistan, Iraq and Kuwait, such actions define criminal militarism, colonialism and imperialism. Attempts of criminal imperialism, flagrantly/impudently\ violate International law. The illegal US military intervention and invasion into the Vietnam Civil War, the Iraq\Kuwait border dispute, and Afghanistan, these most recent examples, they serve as disgraceful attempts of Great Power imperialism.

                    No foreign nation(ies) possess any moral mandate to determine the international borders of other countries to whom they do not mutually share a common border. How much more so, any and all attempts by any foreign country(ies) to impose or determine the Capital City and\or the borders of that Capital City, which any sovereign country has chosen as their Capital; which that People rule and establish order within their society and civilization. No foreign power, which includes the United Nations General Assembly or Security Council, has the power to unilaterally declare the borders or Capital City of any sovereign country on the Planet Earth.


  2. Russian Strategic Interests, the decision to invade the Ukraine.

    How does Russia view the Ukraine? The trauma of WWII, it not only impacts Jews and Israelis living today, especially after the 1960 Eichmann trial. Only 2 armies fought a head to head war in Europe between 1941 to 1944. The Nazi invasion of Russia, the Angel of Death devoured some 27 million casualties.

    Napoleon said: “An Army marches on its stomach”. This pithy comprehension of War, it understands that an Army cut off from its supply lines, like as happened to the Nazi 6th Army at Stalingrad, that Army – immediately confronted by disgrace, surrender, and defeat.

    Russia has survived two major invasions by Western powerhouse States: first Napoleon followed by Hitler. In both Russian victories, the long supply lines of the invading Armies proved itself as the “Achilles’ heel” for both invaders. Should the Ukraine join NATO, another Western powerhouse Army sits right on the borders of Mother Russia. Poland has already joined the NATO Alliance.

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    1. Starzadewanpallidempotentateternalfriendshipuniversalwhitebrotherhoodsisterhooditgetsheavierandharrywesternumbattuesdayearlyricallycalculablyhexagoneoctagonewfpfreericeunitednationsbundelkhandgandhicircuswardsixtosixteenfourteenetizens

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      1. The fundamental distinction between Chag Purim and Chag Chanukah.

        The subject of tohor vs. tumah middot, understood as meaning the struggle between the Yatzir Ha’Tov vs. the Yatzir Ha’Rah within the bnai brit heart. No man can grasp the sublime without validating the strengths held by its base-opposite social behavior expressions. Torah absolutely rejects as death-tumah the avodah zarah parameters: Word of God vs Word of Man narishkeit.

        The Jewish people authored all the literature within the T’NaCH based upon the revelation of the 13 tohor middot רוח הקודש Oral Torah logic. The sages of the Talmud do not validate as authoritative any Bat Kol from Heaven. Torah lives within our hearts, Torah does not exist in Heavens, anymore than the dead can do mitzvot. Hence g’lut, a form of death, Jews cannot do mitzvot. G’lut Jewry has lost the skill and wisdom to do mitzvot לשמה. Tefillah for g’lut Jewry, ceases to function as tefillah; assimilated g’lut Jewry worships avodah zarah and therefore tefillah exists only as profane prayer.

        Foreign logic formats, especially philosophies taught by the Ancient Greeks, all fail to validate the power of the irrational emotional mind, and its ability to distort and subordinate rational intellectual thoughts, warped, distorted, even perverted by powerful emotional feelings and long held prejudices. Justice: courts can never truly address, without validation of the power and influence exerted by mob, high pitched emotional domination and/or intimidation. This high pitched authority, not limited to the anarchy of hysterical lynching mobs, but even Heads of State or other powerful Government officials – who dominate and terrify vertical Court Justices; “bribed” to reach judicial decisions which reflect their skewed interest oriented dictates.

        The latter reality has expressed itself throughout the horrible church corruption. Luther condemned the church over the issue of its total and absolute corruption. Hence the attempts by famous church theologians like Albert the Great and his student Thomas Aquinas, their verbose “scholarship” on the merits of that disgusting religion. Their “scholarship”, it compares to: the usefulness of wrapping paper, which dolls up a birthday present — not even fit thereafter for use as toilet paper.

        The Dominican scholastic priests “worshiped” ancient Greek philosophy, a subject which they placed effectively on par with the authority of their new testament. Chag Purim by stark contrast, validates the mitzvah דאורייתא to war against the influence of Amalek upon our tumah Yatzir Ha’Rah. While the mitzvah דאורייתא of Chag Chanukah, the dedication of these lights, Israel sanctifies holy to HaShem the Will of our people to restrict learning and interpreting the Written Torah to רוח הקודש tohor Oral Torah middot of logic. The victory of the Chanukah lights, they sanctify the Will of Israel to learn the Written Torah only through the visions of Oral Torah logical middot. Learning the Torah לשמה permits reliance upon the רוח הקודש tohor middot alone. On this score Chag Chanukah, sanctified within the oath sworn lands contrasts with Chag Purim, dedicated in cursed g’lut.

        The hypocrisy of the Dominican Order, it ignored the fact that Innocent III in 1210 condemned Aristotle’s scientific writings as heretical ideas. Innocent III made his ruling even before the hypocrite Dominicans became an established Order! The distinction between substance and form, ancient Greek philosophers delved to understand. The forms of rhetoric usage, which their philosophers developed, it strove to dominate and control the ignorant mobs. This contempt for the Common Man, it sharply contrasts with משנה תורה aggadic research, employed to define the k’vanna of halachic ritual law. The Torah does not despise the Common Man as did Greek philosophy.

        Torah common law stands upon the empiricism of learning through precedents. Witnesses and physical evidence, weighed against the opposing power of tohor vs tumah spirits within the human heart. Hence the Prosecuting and Defense judges, their briefs had to delve into Aggadic research to explain prophetic mussar and how it applies and interprets the current Case heard before the Court. The abomination of church theology stands upon the dictate decree of cult authority, the most famous examples of this absolute narishkeit – the abomination of avodah zarah golden calf, the Nicene & Apostles Creeds.


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