Junebug bugs Bunny rabbit!

Jejune Junebug bugs Bunny rabbit hole. Mayflower mayfly flyover flutterby bilateral dragonfly tattoo designs. Junebug junebug junebug junebug. Gumshoe oeillade ladle ladder rungs rugs smug mug mugger germane manager inane shrapnel harpsichord harpagon gonebydays. Mrs. Junebug, as she was named, had a very serious and devoted nature. She is a chatterbox of sorts. Always wears … More Junebug bugs Bunny rabbit!

I saw a black cat!

I saw a black cat. Dark blue clouds too. I saw the black cat. The Katzenjammer hammer. There was a broken clock, and the river washed the old bridge away. What was the matter. I was wondering- walking in my underwear on roof. Cold breeze on my body. There was the flower that Wendy plucked.

Typical Typhoons

She was a doctor and her birthday fell on the seventeenth of July. Curly hair on her face made her look like a tigress. Though all her baggage was childish gimmick at best: it did rouse his virgin imagination. She kept playing with his imagination. Once a mystery: later a chemistry. Then an Alchemist changing … More Typical Typhoons

To Be the Bee Be the Beetroot root for the Canal|||

The sun is shining brightly. There are no rainbows. The temperature is bearable and equanimity has been restored. I keep returning to this point only to forget it in pursuit of something greater: something which is sure to provide freedom from death and aging. Euthanasia has been on my mind for a long time but … More To Be the Bee Be the Beetroot root for the Canal|||

The Ganymede!

Punjabi pun unintended uninstalling lingas. Panjandrum drummer murmuring ringulated rigmarole. Rolex watches for women. Black coffee for men. Mensuetude etude deuce. Chantant d’Inde. Mensuetude etude deuce. Chantant d’Inde. Bye bye byson hyton ryton rhythm section. I said so aloud. With a thud Hudson valley was seen. I kept gluing the cobwebs. I reached the cataract … More The Ganymede!


She held a shell to her ear. Near the ocean. A conch shell. And it was really quiet after a long time. The voices had died. Enemies: internal and external were gone. All lizards were asleep for the first time in a long time. She was looking at herself: her beautiful body which was adored … More Clothes

Non Fiction!

1. Are these extraordinary times? I ask myself. I can support the positive or the negative responses to this question as easily as I want to. What do I want–is the next question I ask myself and how is it related to my needs is the third. 2. USA which mostly follows Christianity has 15 … More Non Fiction!


Birds are returning to the nest nearby. Bats are swinging. Hovering over the balls and snowballing lingas boiling springs eaten up pun. “This is the nest of birds,” says the crow. You are not the same. Since you saw the pictures here this weekend. The twilight is crimson…and the towers look forward to hearing from … More Hurray!

Rest in Peace!

What did you learn from the last shrew? That there will be another. And another and another ad infinitum. Why not add nauseum to linnolium she asked umpteen umpires on pyres resplendent dentists fragrant flowers and plants. We learn from experience. Thanks for the mannah. Dear Hannah, . Complot ploat oats sloat shalom anulom vilom … More Rest in Peace!

The Tales of the Jogging!

I could try. Would you mind doing a short one shot? The village was called Izta. Iguana chuckwalla calabash bash. The word “chuckwalla” was the only bit of English the inhabitants knew. Newsfeed education ionic. Onions deuce seduces. Have you read the short story “The Tales of Hoffman” yet?

I am the force!

And I will be beaten by the way I will be beaten by the wayThe wayI will be beatenAnd I will be beaten And all the times … Mesothelioma Omaha Nebraska Abraham cadet deterrant rants raves about the new things. In the spring I did not see the sparrows because I did not want to … More I am the force!