Her general knowledge was not good. She kept forgetting simple things . He was in love with her. But he was concerned for her fading memory.

“Oh,” he said, “you don’t know your own heart, and I know mine.” I am sure you are interested in this. I will see what can be done. He went home and told his father, who was very much pleased, and asked his son what he would like to have. I don’t think we should be together now. I am sad. But we need to say our goodbyes some day.

Why not now? I’ll just tell you, once more, how I felt at that moment. I don’t want to say goodbye. Why! I am sorry. I understand . It’s all right.


Segue. Sage way. Let’s go away. Separate ways. Saying goodbye he waved his hand. It was slightly strange but she had poop for general knowledge. And she had flunked on her quizzes. I mean: all her quizzes. It was bit of a mystery. What mystery. Mystifier. Fiery eye rye eerie year indeed deed done in indigo goes chigoe. And she was taking a shower.

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