Bib and Bruises!

1. I began walking systematically again in 2019. I could run a bit last year. The performance is not bad from the viewpoint of that build-up personally for me. 2. Registered 13 titles in library. The bruises on feet are due to slippers alien to them. Also need to buy new slippers.

Sunday Morning!

1. 6 overs. I concentrated on Fielding as well as Bowling. 2. There are three parties in ground. 3. I observe plenty of work that has been put by academy on ground: when i came here there were only two pitches. Now there are four and twenty pillars. Many new players have joined and many … More Sunday Morning!

Morning Rituals!

1. I just read what I had written six hours ago and though I usually don’t judge myself the last post seems to have been written by a drunk and yet it was ambrosia. The nectar of immortality plus some words. 2. I practiced alternate nostril breathing and bowling in stadium. Fortunately I got some … More Morning Rituals!


1. I am sitting on grass and it feels soothing. Boys are exercising. I saw some stars and the Moon. Balance seems to have a number: seven. 2. After having taken the Grammar class: I ran for my life. I ran three plus rounds after burning some paper and tinder in the name of cleanliness … More Chidambaram


1. Am I a character in a book or a movie ? I often ask this to myself when dreams turn into nightmares and I get some freedom to rest. 2. I walked with a few boys in the stadium. One of them was putting on an act. It was related to a previous act. … More Lingo