Preparing For Bundelkhand Marathon 2021!

1. I ran and walked for two hours with bag on my back.

2. I used to go for long walks. Twenty to twenty five kilometres taking about 3 hours with rest. It was actually less than two hours for 20 kilometres.

3. I walked inside Jhan jhan Devi temple a fortnight ago. Somvati Amavasya. It took me about 40 minutes for 12 kilometers. It means i need 100 minutes at max to complete 30 kilometres even if i walk. If I run I can do it in about 90 minutes.

4. I am going to continue practice with due diligence. I have about 10-12 days time.

5. Walking and running strategy would be useful for me as I have never participated before in a marathon.

6. “Why don’t you run?” Because I want to fly; i answered. Her words were ringing into my ears as if they were spoken just yesterday. She might have forgotten it already.

7. I recall Budhiya: the poor malnutritioned kid from Bihar who completed the marathon and won it–maybe- a decade ago. I won’t be more than Budhiya if I complete the marathon.

8. A. R. Rahman’s mother died. Rahman has a life path number 3. His mother died on a full Moon day. I was in the fields when it happened. Just a few days ago Anil drowned. He was also from South India. An actor. Rahman’s nasal touch in voice is because of dragon’s head placement in his chart. Strangely, as I was reading his chart it amazed me that his wife is named Saira Banu whereas his name was Dileep Kumar. Dileep Kumar, the legendary actor whose wife is also named Saira Banu was named Yusuf Khan first.

Rahman and Gulzar together received academy award for Slumdog Millionaire in which Irfaan Khaan and Anil Kapoor were part of cast. Irfaan Khaan passed away this year. I wanted to see him perform Osho in his biopic. Now that’s impossible.

They received academy award when their ages matched their root numbers. Gulzar was 81(born August 18), Rahman was 42(born January 6.)

9. It was Sarpa Yoni today with Devta gana as it happened. The serpent represents the North node of Moon. Sarpa also represent nagas or wise ones. Priests, Gandharva, singers who adorn neck of Shiva the dancing light of grace and beauty.

10. The synchronicity didn’t stop there. Anurag met me just outside Anurag City Centre: the mall as i was about to take left turn towards North to enter into Shatabdi where i practice running. He told me that he was going to meet Apoorva. Apoorva means unforeseen. It’s equivalent to Anoop which means unique or without comparison. Anoop shares date of birth with me. It’s the same date on which neighbor got married this year. The same date when another friend got married this year. The date when that marriage took place in Mangalam house in 2015. It was by chance i had a moment to look around and at the mantras near the place of worship where names were written with date. The date when engagement of my parents happened. The date when aunt got married and I collected 72 rupees in gullak: the clay pot.

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