1. I am sitting on grass and it feels soothing. Boys are exercising. I saw some stars and the Moon. Balance seems to have a number: seven.

2. After having taken the Grammar class: I ran for my life. I ran three plus rounds after burning some paper and tinder in the name of cleanliness in the Cricket Academy Ground. I do wonder about the scarcity of staff in the municipal corporation because the academy campus only gets accumulation of water bottles, pouches, gutka, tablets, plates, stray paper pieces. No one comes to clean it. I can take initiative at places : but it is only that much: an individual working to earn a wage. Cricket is the game of gentlemen : a solution can be to put garbage only in the dumping bags. Children need to be taught these habits by their guardians.

3. I took measurements. I walked multiple steps around the ground : clockwise and anticlockwise: taking middle, large and small routes. None of the measurements were same. What factors change the distance? Height, gravity, temperature, amount of work done etcetera. In short: I am not aware of all the parameters. It seems like I took a Physics practical class along with the English Grammar. I reckon that stadium : arena: academy are currently grounds for exercise: walking, running, sports, relaxation, keeping friendships, hanging out with friends as well as sledging and chastising with the help of whistles which control dogs, donkeys, cows, pigs and other animals. It took me many days to comprehend that QRF academy had kept pigs for disposing off their wet garbage. Most of the garbage that municipality takes away isn’t burnt. It’s only an inculcated notion that burning has precedence over other modes as far as ecosystem is concerned. I only saw regulation increase by and by. Earlier it was college, then teachers, then police and then military. Then the stuff kept increasing around you.

3. Freedom needs works. And it’s inherently part of duality: naming. You define a circle or a cube and call it your space until something comes to crack it down. Beyond time, there is greater time, beyond night there is greater night, similarly beyond voids there are greater voids. One of the greatest mysteries being resolved was: Swami Rama’s description of reaching among cannibals who were going to eat him. I don’t know if he died or merely fainted: fainting means losing consciousness temporarily. Games like boxing and violent arenas have many such patterns. Naturally: lack of nutrition results in weak life force. His whole story meant: he had reached a place where his life force was getting drained too fast. Like my concluding about the light needed to walk through the tunnel of the dark night.

4. Meaning of words. Counting. Reading and writing kept me employed for I had lost the identity. The gender benders were the tribal way of handling the outlaws. The urbane must have existed as eternally as the ancient. Spacetime is the game after a while. Scientific model needs work to generate power which sustains the energy: the reason why some tribes gave more importance to fire, others to water, and yet others to ether or Earth is in either their history or in the type of experiments which were carried out with people.

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