The way of living

The mystic walk. It was after a long time. The four am clock ozone layer. Soothing cool breeze on his skin. The hymn of the air conditioner . Street dogs barking at pigs. Only shining star in the South West. A thick layer of clouds overlap . The dragon shines its thunder in the storm in the East with Mercury. The Venus is not far from the ascendant. Mosquitoes sing when breeze takes a break. Crickets buzz incessantly. Lyrical calculus lustrate irate pirate ship adventures of our batlings continued since Twilight. A crackling fire warms the heart. I could have gone to walk through the streets. But this city has too many street dogs and pigs. I need to absorb the quiet as storms are lurking in the hindsight . And the wind made the house creak and crack. The shunned garden of Life sciences building. The garbage in the ground where he was reinventing the life after Noah’s ark had sunk . He counted the ants, even though they were too small to see.

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