Use no hooks!

You make certain rules of thumb. They are to make your life easier. But those rules of thumb don’t serve you anymore: you should change them.

Dai. There was a man on bike. He was wearing a helmet. He asked me about the petrol pump and I told him. His bike was in reserve.

Three. It rained. The crane has been singing. Any rain is welcome here. As I stopped for a tea on a tea stall I asked kids who were playing on a bicycle if they had something to study.

4 dot. Including shrimadbhagwat Geeta all scriptures tell about the importance of equanimity or Samta aur treating all conditions and people equally. The conditioning goes very deep full stop and the balance strips very soon full stop to walk on the middle path is to work on a Treasure sage.

5. Impetigo was real gory horror to watch. The music and the narrative and the way it has been told was slightly different then the Hollywood narratives usually are. You have seen many stories about Black magic and curses still it was entertaining and engrossing to watch something fresh after a long time.

6. The reason why I am able to write this now: because it rained. Despite the discourses on equanimity: I have found that weather makes up for all the productivity full stop that is why I say : China and India word design to be mass factories for consumption of material goods mostly. Very few reasons to be creative refind and sublime. Always live in existential horror. Preachers either escape to Switzerland or or live in Grand mansions. Why shouldn’t they .

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