Contraction in Spacetime!

1. It was drizzling. Absolutely quiet as I was walking. And though I have been accusing myself of being lazy: an actual contraction of spacetime was taking place. I was like a character in your favourite science fiction movie. Ramalinga had no time for the material aspects or the renderings haven’t survived to see the light of the day. The gradual contraction and the expansion of the spacetime had to do with the sun rays in the southern and northern hemisphere of Earth. I would have stopped to work on the details and received the Nobel prize in Physics if it survived by the time but I am in a kind of a hurry to merge into the dancing light of the Grace so I will pass on it. Because there are things I must do before I am done with this world.

2. A birdie came in search of food and a Kingfisher was trilling. I am counting my blessings and peace has been profound in last few moments. That is, until I remembered my favourite Science Fiction movies.

3. Although it is one life dancing inside and outside me and acceptance of it removes the material or spiritual sides; the one clarity that peace is the destination is not available in one which is so designed as to be always utilitarian. You show that peace or silence and people ask: of what use is peace or bliss? Will it give me the sustenance? Will it give me the exemption from diseases? The point they miss is: even if you have Security, Immunity from diseases, longevity: they’re of no use unless you are at peace with yourself. And it’s also true: no man is called peaceful unless he takes his peace to grave for change is inevitable. So, while the tests are the same, the knowledge of peace is the one that is chosen.

4. I showed them the portraits of great personalities on the walls of the library room. They had asked me to take a class on general knowledge though it was the Mathematics period. They were not able to retain the facts. They play pubg and fire of light but don’t know the name of the president. I don’t hold it against them as lack of national spirit but rather as an exercise for memory. I had a nice time talking to them and I hope they had a nice time talking to me as well. I read an Ekanki: one episode drama written by Jagadish Chandra Mathur : it was in my syllabus and now as I recalled the funny punches from it : my student was bursting out with laughter too. I was amazed by the way it was written and no new creations of type had come into my notice in the language. I was thinking about the security of the signals based on fibre optic cable network in the rainy season as I had a hard time accessing the server. I saw the guys who were laying cable and looking for basic facilities like a gas cylinder and wheat flour as they were going to stay here for a while. I asked them if they had enough things for their use and they told me they had.

4. The ginger in tea was making my liver sulk but it was the necessity of the climate. Being mindful is easy sometimes. Easier than others. I am for this and against that. The discrimination based on the race is still prevalent. Puritans. Equanimity.

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