Thus Spake Zaragoza!

1. The kid attempting the Science test kept saying: “don’t shout or you will have an attack.”

2. Her grandmother answered the bell as he fell asleep while watching Dhoni the untold bazillion dreams for the umpteenth time.

3. He is getting acnes on back for some reason. I know not the reason. A guy who was wearing green shirt had a goatee and he was sweating profusely as I kept walking behind him for a while. The suggestion about overeating was planted before the building of the menu thief and fructified in the unknown woman telling her infant to not eat too much. It was the student eating too much. The Karma is merely a pastime when you’re past beyond a few speed breakers.

4. The Kirana store: coughing, sweeping and Supari.

5. First show the old man.

6. Then show a young man.

7. Then an infant.

8. Call a man with kalaava on hand and tell: you don’t come to take supaari anymore. Why? He kept repeating this. I merely wanted a toast packet. The first time around I went over there after a boy with flashing of toast was inviting me like some other fulfilment of conditions for Mahaveera used to result in the reception of alms. Only difference: I was too easy to appease. No. Actually it is going to hurt sensibilities to use the reference. Religion is a way of life.

9. I asked if I would get the change for 500 rupees and he said I would if I buy ration worth 50 rupees. Sev Murmura is the best of the options in five rupees : better than most snacks I have tried so far. The later oater on the fan in Lucknow had to match with the event in evening in my class: another slipper fell off from the left feet. I had no role to play in the fairy tails. Absolutely bunkum Chandra kumkum muchkund much kind undie indigenous genocide genome. Gnome.

10. This reminds me that I have not seen the petrol pump guy with glasses since the ruckus started because he’s also the maafia. I was polite in asking for the change. And you’re what you are. If I am sitting silently besides a highway or a street it is not supposed to create a communicable disease. It shouldn’t also disturb the passersby. If it does so: humanity is dead and it’s goblins all around. If it’s the cause of disease : something is wrong with the rulers, with the air you are breathing and with the water you are drinking. Don’t produce so many babies when it’s already full to the brim.

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