Player numbers

1. Played vocabulary jams: 1311 ranks.

2. Played maps on Free Rice.

The question is: why do some continents have no diversity at all and others have so many factions?

Immediately answer comes: divide and rule.

America, Canada, Australia and Russia have vast amount of lands and resources. They colonized and used India, China and other countries to use as markets and it hasn’t changed. We hardly have space to breathe and live.

Some countries are easily located now:

Egypt: sharply cut left boundary.


Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina

Mangolia, China, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea

3. A man outside Narasimha temple: a kanfata yogi wearing a ring in his ear asked me: “Are you from Gulganj?”

I said “no.” But salutations were shared. It’s in the thread of woman and Subhash.

Another man asked last Friday: “Are you from Vrindavan?”

I got a call from an unknown number.

I won the game today. I have practiced maps.

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