Morning session!

1. I bowled 26 overs. The last 27 balls were named as 27 constellations. I forgot following names: (hence I bowled 140 balls)

Anuradha, Vishakha, Swati and Bharni

2. Dhanishtha gave an insight. Like Vashishtha it’s to do with desire to gain wealth. It’s ruled by Mars. Eight Vasus or Mahabhootas are:

Agni, Prithvi, Vaayu, Varun, Dyayus, Surya, Chandramas and Dhruv

3. Dhruv is polaris. An absolute abode of Vishnu.

4. Varun is deity of water: Neptune.

5. Dyayus is Zeus, Jupiter or skydaddy with Earth as its counterpart.

6. Bheeshma in Mahabharata represents the third Vasu: Vaayu who is also the father of second Pandava: Bheem.

7. Marudganas are 49.

8. I took some pictures. Stadium’s Southern entrance was locked when I arrived here. There were ten or twelve people jogging inside.

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