Areca Nuts!

1. It took 80 minutes to register 30 titles today. Came across letters by Osho to his patron mother. This book I brought here with a Urdu dictionary. They are in the third almirah clockwise. Udainiya ji and ATM slips mystery is buried in them. Also came across a treatise comparing Premchand with Gorky. By Shachiraani Gurtoo.

2. Completed reading 51 pages of ‘Aditi and other deities in Veda’ by M. P. Pandit. Asked a few questions to lady weeding in the field to get a clearer picture about her life story.

3. It took about twenty five minutes to weed out 80 mustard and carrot grass plants. Strangely: in the row of carrots , potatoes and parsnip –carrot grass and mustard plants were weeds. I tasted some of the mustard leaves. They had oily taste as well as pungent acrid influence on tongue which was beetroot’s effect on throat. I had never tasted a beetroot without its being chopped in form of salad dressing before. I would advise against it to anyone going forward.

4. An hour to sweep and collect garbage, burn it and scrap grass after the meeting. Though they asked for dustbin- they put it outside- they didn’t use it. In effect: they behaved like school kids littering here, tither and yonder. It was also the case with journalists last week. The notice board ‘don’t litter’ or Gandhi’s glasses in ‘Clean India Survey’ can’t bear fruits until we lack discipline. I am supposed to buy two arecanuts which would be enjoyed with tobacco by some family member or the other.

5. Didn’t go to Deendayal Rasoi today. Instead took a nap for half an hour inside library before began working. Couldn’t play free rice either. Watching monkeys was a nice experience. Went to have couple of samose in Sunday market.

Zone twilight saga two

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