What are the odds?

1. Took 40 minutes to turn Shivansh compost. Three of us. The third one joined very late. I did 51 taslas(plastic pans.)

2. As i was waiting under the shade of eight petalled lotus he shared half of an apple. As we began working the slipper’s stripe which is used as grip by thumb and middle toe snapped. What are the odds. It was good because if it had happened during the marathon i would have ran barefoot.

3. Had no idea that registration process was going to be this complicated. Had to stay in multiple queues for 3 hours 20 minutes.

4. If you ask me: it’s not very encouraging for participation in years to come. If such an event happens: i would prefer not participating in it. They should have given a clear outline of complicated registration process on their website. They kept changing timings.

5. It was a huge event(biggest after Dussehra in which i participated but not as enjoyable) with hundreds of people appearing for registration. Maybe a few thousand. The question is: how do they organize the runners on track. Some of them would be given lead as so many people can’t stand together on track. Played many vocabulary jams. PC had a doppleganger today. Received a score of 820 in one of the jams despite two incorrect answers. Which seemed odd as it usually doesn’t happen.

6. I need to wakeup early and then, finally, run. Got a call from the person whose footwears i would use for the run as soon as i came out of the stadium. What are the odds?

7. Asked for another handkerchief this morning got a yellow one. Like the Tshirt given by the organizers. Yellow. What are the odds? Like the color painted on Deendayal Rasoi building.

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