Productive Day!

1. Spent about 30 minutes helping and observing the irrigation system which has pipes, joints and sprinklers. Two motors of different power with one of them having an auto-cut makes sprinklers throw water off to 10-15 feet.

2. Prior to that had lunch.

3. Prior to that spent about twenty minutes sowing coriander seeds in lines adjacent to onion beds.

4. Spent an hour scrapping grass and throwing garbage.

5. About forty five minutes spent on collecting stray polybags, wrappers and pouches which were burnt at two distinct places.

6. Played Free Rice quiz on

7. Pasted labels on almirahs.

8. Published three posts on WordPress including this one. Yesterday I almost finished working on the almirah number 11 anticlockwise. Today I begin with the number 12. It has been a productive day.

Sprinklers and pipes for kitchen garden: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

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