An Acrobat!

The Acrobat!

1. An Acrobat of a nightingale. It doesn’t know I am writing about it. It was frolicking and it has hardly moved in the last hour. I moved 31 times to put scrapped grass onto a heap.

2. A cow was buried at this very place in 2018. Now it’s being used as a place to put grains. Not exactly a granary as it’s an open space.

3. Some birds are picking grains. Mustard plants are resplendent exquisite scenery as Sun shines. It’s a Sunday.


4. The collection and burning of garbage took half an hour. It has been 1.5 hours of work here. I need to take some rest before I resume.

Acrobat batting tingling BATTUE

Lingastronomical calculus

Chromosome omega

Mega sommelier

Errata sonata riata

Atta boy !

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