The Day!

1. There are beautiful cotton clouds in the sky.

2. As I cleansed the rack before I sat to register books this noon, i decided to burn the garbage. The wife of the trustee came asking if I was burning new papers regularly. I told her they were old papers. While she’s adept at lying about her income and NGOs functioning, she ensures i am not doing anything unrighteous.

3. Back-from-home farmer is advising another lady wage earner (was that daily wage earner? Slip of lips blips): the milk of newly born baby’s mother is a patent medicine for the pain in ear. The guy then proceeds onto ask if she had tried that as medicine for someone. What’s life without a bit of fun and lewd jokes at workplace is painted on his face. As for payment for my work: they’re all mute.

4. I have limited freedom as a person who is not at least anti-social. I have to prove that on a regular basis.

5. VG visited the premise after a long time. We chatted for a while. I had passed from his office while running for marathon. His house is nearby to big Chhatrasal statue in the village. He said he helped organise the event at that time. I got another opportunity to pass by that place but couldn’t meet him.

6. Sun is shining and cotton clouds are playing in the mild wind. I didn’t take a taxi today. It took me only 27 minutes to reach here which was less than usual. I live in strange spacetime. None of the experiments have monetary value and yet they are valuable in the long run. I manage to live on day-to-day basis.

7. Filled two buckets of water. It involves mounting those buckets on a bicycle with the help of two iron hooks, going to a well, switching on the pump: though there’s no switch and they use jumpers for using switch might make it would be wasted too soon. Then : I come back, put some water into a steel tank which recently got a plastic tap fixed into it.

Image credit: Self

Courtesy: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

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