Of medals and posters!

1. 40 balls. Many of them hit the target. A biker almost hit me outside Gaya Prasad Singh entrance. 2. A role-play exercise between Purushottam and Dolly’s father again: I ordered a glass of juice. He had no change. I ask Dolly’s father for it: he also didn’t have it. I didn’t have change a … More Of medals and posters!

The Day Begins!

1. Harshan Yoga. Sagittarius ascendant. Mercury and Moon rule the 12 hour day. The stadium is still being used as an isolation cell for those who do not wear mask. 2. November is pronounced as Navambar or new sky in Hindi 3. December is pronounced as this ambar or this sky. The sky which gets … More The Day Begins!

Cosmic central Sun…alignment to Shishumara begins!

1. Julian day: 2459176. 7. Venus. Seth. 2. 22.11.2020: symmetry. Beauty of numbers. 3. Uranus rules the day. Quirk. South node of Moon which is placed in Aquarius is placed in the sign of Scorpion. The root comes out to be 2053 or 28 or 10: Sefer Yetzirah. Binary. The first order triggers a time … More Cosmic central Sun…alignment to Shishumara begins!


1. Ankit Mishra’s interest has been paid in full: he’s president of Sarvodaya Mandal now. Edit: secretary, not president. 2. I had a nice meal and 200 rupees were paid by one of the students. 3. A man appeared before our session today. He was in on it with one Minakshi. Some doctor. Address asking. … More Kodaikanal!

Der Name Der Ball!

1. The future is Now. It’s what was written on the shirt of the kid who was born in Wales in his previous incarnation but now he was walking before me with a cautious gait. “Daring to live the future Now: ” It’s what the part of the tagline of the book “Walk Out Walk … More Der Name Der Ball!