1. Ankit Mishra’s interest has been paid in full: he’s president of Sarvodaya Mandal now. Edit: secretary, not president.

2. I had a nice meal and 200 rupees were paid by one of the students.

3. A man appeared before our session today. He was in on it with one Minakshi. Some doctor. Address asking. The usual spectators.

4. I burnt the garbage after sweeping the library room. Read some verses from Japuji. Shri came late to class. We played maps and flags instead of the usual vocabulary quiz on Free Rice. She appeared happy with the exercise. I especially enjoyed working on flags because maps were difficult to work upon. We also played Grammar quiz. Then we did some catching practice. I look forward to test her tomorrow on Grammar.

5. The walk back from library seemed dreary. I had not slept much the last night. The number of steps between the dustbins: on my way: 152. Back: 162. I saw the Cricket academy coach outside Shatabdi. The masonic pulaav guy had shifted his shop to the other side.

6. Kodaikanal. UG said he began to choke over there. My friends didn’t take me there. The DLOG wanted me to share the experience. It was hot!

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