Tohu Mercurial!

1. Played 10 vocabulary jams on Scored first rank on 8 of them second rank on 2 of them. Stephen D, PC and others were absent. Eat B was present. 2. My scores: (605, 645, 600, 740, 790, 365, 550, 565, 830, 655) 3. The scores are out of 1000. 4. I intend to … More Tohu Mercurial!


Which city do you live in? I asked her, She disappeared. Do you live in animosity? Any city that lets you open mou, Or in an open mic, Do you live in anime, Mayflower Mayfield flyover overture Field game gameplan plangent plantar, Which city do you live in my darling? Is it immunogenicity, Khaas car, … More Immunogenicity!


1. The library has seven entries and exits. 2. As i began sweeping and dusting off i recalled tomorrow’s meeting of grade three government employees union presided by Trilok Singh. Trilok means ‘three realms.’ The full name means ‘The Lion in three realms.’ Vinoba wrote a book called ‘Third Power,’ which has many copies in … More Drizzle!

Log 0812021

1. Had carrot halwa with librarian and naturopath to celebrate the birthday of the naturopath. A four planet stellium in Sagittarius is the actual cause of his being fond of Osho who had a five planet stellium in it. A Virgo. Atmakaraka Saturn in Sagittarius. 2. Uprooted some carrot grass plants from field. The word … More Log 0812021


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Bouleversement mentation verse Severe reserve cement Reverse chronological oumuamua Macaronic carmine minecraft Craftsmanship hipster sterling Lingastronomical gastrointestinal tract Belvedere derelict tincture Holy ghost sings Singsong dingdong solong!

Conversations with the Moon!

Hello Moon, Good afternoon! Monsoon too soon, Perchoon perchance chanceon, Chancellor lord ordained dense marksmanshipwreckedemarcation Cation anion onion Ion on ion on and on Noisome meshuga gasconade bragbro Bromide Idempotentate tattletale telltale Ginger ale Germane mail Don’t ail, Anymore, It’s a chore now-a-days! Prompt: same as title by My Valiant Soul on instagram Image credit: … More Conversations with the Moon!