Shri is Unpredictable!

1. I had a long walk to railway station after I was informed by my employer that they no longer needed my service. Rohan’s uncle paid me 30 rupees as a payment for six days of service. 2. I enjoyed visiting the station after a long time. 3. I hired a taxi with ‘Atul’ written … More Shri is Unpredictable!


1. This was a pleasant day. It might seem odd: as I have plenty of money to feed myself for next ten days: my students who once used to dominate me seem to have disappeared. Their reasons might have a basis in reality but all of them needed a place when I was weakest. Still … More Tenet


1. Architects . Architectonickelodian 2. I bought a lower. A red coloured one with ‘happiness’ written on it. 3. I had a cone. A softy after a recharge guy had a red and white cigarette. 4. The garbage was disposed off. 5. I am supposed to keep books for binding in the capacity of the … More Frequency!

Mister Dolittle!

1. Time is the only stamp. The pictures don’t tell if I was feeling comfortable or uncomfortable. 2. China, Corona and drizzling is the news. The latest. I had a short trip with some friends to a village. It wasn’t what I expected it to be. I kept puking. Akon is developing a new crypto … More Mister Dolittle!

Tohu Minus Three.

Indignant indigo An ant on penant Penchant for chanting Hantai junta Pronounced Janta Hunter hunter Digs deep into pigs Weeps week Weak sweepstakes Takes : one, two and three. No lunch for free, Bunch of abstemious raconteur up the hill with hypnotic trance.

How Much Chennai?

1. It was early morning and we were about to enter into Chennai. My friend opened the window to ask a man in a lungi about the location: “How far is Chennai, from here, Sir?” “How much Chennai do you need? In a typical condescending Tamilan attitude, as a villager living on the outskirts of … More How Much Chennai?