Shri is Unpredictable!

1. I had a long walk to railway station after I was informed by my employer that they no longer needed my service. Rohan’s uncle paid me 30 rupees as a payment for six days of service.

2. I enjoyed visiting the station after a long time.

3. I hired a taxi with ‘Atul’ written on back of it on my walk back towards Chhatrasal Carrefour.

4. He charged me only 15 rupees though usual charge is 20 rupees.

5. I had two samose at chaat thela. They were cold. The couple of biscuit packets sustained me. Like yesterday, there was another batch of people meeting outside library. I shared my biscuits with a dog.

6. I heard them speak in meeting. I spotted Atul: the guy with moustache who used to frequent Pawan Gupta shop in my marijuana days.

7. Strangely: two of the faces on posters were Shuklas and one was named Anand Shukla. The guy from Khajuraho has a problem in his left leg.

8. They are struggling for pension. I am struggling for pocket money. They are all better off than me. I mean who gets a 1000 rupees per month these days? With another job lost i am left with Shri. She’s unpredictable.

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