1. Sun is shining brightly. Vegetable sellers are still passing by and birds on nearby trees sing.


2. I burnt some garbage. Smell of charred rubber is in the air. I had my second bath and now I need to write and read to make this day a significant one. I read few verses by Ramalinga Paradesi who assures again and again of physical immortality being a fact for him and he’s not alone.

3. Atmakaraka Mars is going to enter into Aquarius as per sidereal zodiac system and many planets would become retrograde within a week. Moon also enters the sign Virgo by evening.

4. Shabbat for Jews and Mass day for Christianity was honoured by multinational companies as they had a 5 day work week. I need to find work and for that I need an online account and for that I need a PAN card and for that I need to apply with tonnes of documents. It all boils down to paperwork, CGA and to National Security Register. Now you can’t even sagely run off to Himalayas and live in the fresh air in a hut on plant leaves and herbs. Government sponsored monks are good monks rest are rest.

5. For three days in a row the newspaper has been publishing account of one Dilip Pande from Jhansi who is working on behalf of Ravi Sharma, member of the legislative assembly, Jhansi, to distribute food for all needful people in his vicinity. Such appreciable tasks are acts of compassion which according to Ramalinga help one become a candidate for receiving divine grace of dancing lord.

6. Acharya Nirbhaya Sagar Ji is also helping his students on Dera Pahadi with his divinity. I lived in a Jain family’s house in Kota as a tenant in 2003 and I also had a Jain friend in college and before leaving for Chennai in 2009, I lived with him for about a month and a half in Pune, he was a nice guy and non-violence as well as scientific aptitude of Jainism and Buddhism has made them forerunners along with Kabbalah in the 21 century.

7. Watermelon is a big melon.

Me loan Nolan.

Melange lanugo langouste

Ousted ted stalks celery.

8. The peddlers were recording for the radio. Courtesy David Lynch, Ved Vyasa, and others. Those new: all you speak and listen as tangible and intangible becomes radio. And all on radio and television is also radio. And all seen is video. Those two are prime modes of modus operandi. Other three are touch, taste and smell. You give to yourself whatever you give.

9. Rates of vegetables are fluctuating rapidly like pandemic casualties and weather reports. I have barely written anything today and I already feel sleepy. This is what food and sunshine does to you in the tropics.

10. Warblers are trilling the field of eternity and drilling machine makes a shrill noise. Where else do I turn to for solace, if not to birds? Throats of pigs like four wheelers screeching breaks and hoarse throats of my family members and neighbours, mostly because of gutka paan masala and onion unions are not worth being listen to beyond acquiring the requisite information for day-to-day functions. Banned materials are being sold via black markets. There must be millions of police officers, leave alone general public, who can’t live without tobacco, liquor and other chewing items. How do you suppose such laws can be enforced and by whom and for which end, how’s it even related to a pandemic or virus which has 13 strands as mysterious as the 13 dimensions.

Time taken: 58 Minutes 58 seconds.

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