1. After the prayer meeting we went on a walk to remember. Three kids on bike. The driver gave his handle up loose before the house of the food inspector. The immediate cause was a piece of cloth lying on road. The deeper cause– they are returning players.

2. The bench to sit down for a while seemed like a luxury. Twilight was extremely soothing today. There were military or police people walking inside the stadium. It’s open for business like galla mandi. There is some strange logic in work here- exercise is bad for health. Business is good. What would I do–zilxh.

3. A dyslexic teacher on bicycle with tomatoes in a carry bag was speaking to another on bike. It was about tuitions.

4. I took some photographs in peace. I recall one Urdu poem–

Kisi ko mukammal jahan nahi milta,

Kabhi jameen nahi milti to kabhi aasmaan nahin milta.

5. The discussion turned to the imaginary disease and virus. USA would soon touch 100000 deaths. They have tested about 130000000 people : about one third of their entire population. India has tested only a fraction of people and sacrifice has only been that of the 3500 people. All data given by my friend. If it’s not factual I am not responsible.

6. It’s predicted[citation needed] that a virus is likely to arrive by October.

7. Since we have been slow in testing we would be happy in being slow for vaccination as well.

8. I had an ice-cream and noodles. This is the peak of luxury since 2017. I am employed by a college kid who bumped his head into the wall. He wasn’t chasing the ball as in football stadium yet he got bruises and his head might be hurting. He was running with a bat. I took his vocabulary quiz and found him eligible for my help. Coaching classes are not open for this season. But if business can be open : I am eligible for a coffee and a bike ride. At least I am not raising my voice for Euthanasia. What Euthanasia? They are already dead.

9. And I am back to romancing with mosquitoes -need of another bath. Does that count as a luxury. Yes.

10. Temperature- Sassy Yassy says no need for secrets. The reduction has been many degrees in average temperature of this town. And it has rained every month since last year. I don’t know what is changing the climate so drastically. It’s still not as pleasant as Bangalore.

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