Eli lied. She lied through her teeth about having jumped from the seventh floor. Allure of her pain was drawing in many dark sniffing hounds. Unbound imagination was her forte. But now she was nearing forty and her lies were lying on the floor before her. The truth would come out. Al nino was gone. One nimbu was used to make a nimbus. Bus was missed . She was again late for the meeting. Tingling Lingas did no good to her worsening Japanese. There were interpretors all around the Tokyo. A dime a dozen outside everyone diner. They knew sidereal zodiac and rhymed like a medical personnel in the times of a pandemic. How was she going to retain her job in the fastest city on planet. She had just arrived here but her dark past hadn’t left her yet. By the end of the story she had met a man who would make her forget all that. A man from another universe. She had once told him about it.

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