Left is Right and Right is Wrong When Sun goes South!

1. After taking the permission to enter into the kitchen to drink couple of glasses of water, I drank it and cleansed the glass: then, before coming to library I reported it to the secratary who was showing some seeds to the head of the trust. I had to report it because it was necessary. If working in corporate culture taught me anything it was : showing off and reporting every little odd thing you do. It keeps you relevant else you are forgotten sooner than you think. Her Capricorn smile made me feel that it was not required to report but I felt I did the right thing. It was a lot of garbage as theater guys don’t do any cleansing. You find scraps of paper, newspapers, cold drinks, coffee pouches and whatnot inside the library. It’s a good riddance that they are gone for now but they’ve left a lot of stuff behind. They might be back with another show.

2. Shri would attend the class only by 12 which meant I could sweep and register a few books and do this quick post as well.

3. The police and other staff members related to election commission have surrounded the stadium and school number one. Every square foot has police and it’s crowded. It’s the month of Scorpion: the Sun along with Venus is debilitated in the Samaya but Moon is exalted with the North node in the sign of Bull. The South node is exalted in the sign of Scorpion dictating terms with retrograde rays from Jupiter’s own sign which is also the Jaimini Atmakaraka in the sign of Scorpion in navamansa.

Library: facing West! Left is Right. Right is Wrong.

4. I had a cold bread pakoda outside the first classroom. The fruit salad was meagre and tasteless: a waste of twenty rupees. I recall days when I used to have fruit salad in Cognizant auditorium or in Minal residency. My good fortune was too short lived so I need to keep going back to memories.

5. Poha thela was crowded with policemen and it would have taken me ten minutes before I got a plate inside my body.

6. Alternate nostril breathing and twelve balls: only this much time was available though I had a good breakfast in morning.

7. Where have the vocabulary jammers gone is a mystery to me. I plan on watching a science fiction movie but then change it because not many decent movies are available.

8. I need to buy a lock for library. Another twenty or forty rupees of expenditure. I bought two disposable pens worth five. It’s important to find time to play vocabulary quiz on Free Rice site.

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