Lest You Forget The Basics!

1. The helipad dimensions: radius 17 feet. H: 8 by 10. There was a guy in yellow shirt who took a picture. Another bespectacled biology college student named Mohit enquired about the arrival of the dignitaries. Suyash.

2. I bowled 181 times and it did seem like a cakewalk. Aryan asked me if I had change for five hundred. I told him I might have fifty or hundred rupees in my purse. I know that it was a tease. Another boy named Anuj who studies Maths in standard eleventh in delight school asked about me batting. I only bowled but it’s a repeat pattern. Chelpa birds. Guarding the ball like a treasure because you can’t buy another. I showed a bull out. The lawyer who took my seating space at the sprouted grains/fruit salad shop couple of years ago: was eating a chat masala on stairs on the southern side. A bald man accompanied him. The kids also sat there for a while. The grandpa was running with protected baby. The kid whose brother had joined academy and who had his finger injured : told me about not playing anymore because of Corona. The puss that went out of my thumb is a match.

3. I should be thankful for not getting my music hacked in the evening. I told the tale of Narasimha incarnation to the kid. I had played with them but expecting any consistency was too much. Narasimha: Manticore: Egypt: Sphinx: Nile:Mishra: Neil: Nitin: Mukesh: Jhonny Gaddar. It’s a pattern for sure. I tried to observe if the helipad and the toilet were aligned with the pavilion door where they practice Yoga. It wasn’t.

4. The girl running brought treasures. Actually I only recalled that I had forgotten to carry my purse after taking the bath. It was the third in the series of girls running.

5. The scenes I saw as the shinning up towers went to the infinity : are wonderful scenes oh companion: if you’re over there, somewhere!

6. Anant is an animal alright. An ant on pennant. Tenant ten ants. Slanted ted talks. As Tesla said: I have only gained and gained : and he wouldn’t have died a painful death. You’re not usually there to witness the falling of discarded garments.

7. You might go back to witness the complete picture. Archons. Seth. Satan. Saturn. Shiva or Vishnu.


Ghanshi is a homeless lady. After having roamed around in the colony : she settled just outside the house where I live. Would people who keep track of my porn history and the number of times I jerk off: the secret police and likes take care of her? Would they help her reach an old age shelter? Would they let her stay at an ashrama where she need not do fire rituals outside a house: a ritual which is her eating rotis made on polybags when she can’t get them readymade from a house nearby? What about psychiatrists and those working in Pradhanmantri Aawas Yojna? Is it too much or less important than keeping track of my porn history and jerking off? I really don’t know. This is a strange society indeed! She has been outside just one house for more than seven-eight months. Dhaniram is better in that regard. Not as tragic!

8. This was an eventful day. I rest the case here until I get another. If those kids were there by chance: it was too much of a coincidence: which I don’t believe in anymore as I have seen too much of designs in recent years. But the method which inspires them or gives them the incentive is what intrigues and remains a mystery as of now.

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