Anjana Doodh Dairy!

Anjana Doodh Dairy is a shop located on Jawahar Panna road near Ambedkar statue opposite to Ambi Wine Shop. It sells dairy products. The name is a Hindi name. Anjana means Unknown. Ranjana means without imagination. Jana means people. Imagination is related to people who can imagine. Doodh stands for milk. Cow, buffalo and goat are three animals most frequently used for milking purposes in Indian subcontinent. Cow’s milk is costlier than that of buffalo. Gandhi was recommended goat’s milk by a doctor because in order to digest milk you need a lot of exercise. Gandhi was suffering from indigestion. Dairy products are made of milk. If you have read so far you already know that we don’t practice economy of speech, leave alone any other type of moderation. For example: Doodh and Dairy in the same name are redundant. Ideally: it should be Anjana Dairy. My friend Aditya Dwivedi was merely a laid back lad of twelve years when he first introduced me to this dairy shop. It has stood through tests of time in this small city. This national highway leads to Khajuraho Group of Monuments or a national heritage recognised by the archeological survey of India. Rest of the pictures are representatives of zeitgeist and courtesy of Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh: Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur, Chai Vibhag Cafe, Late Madhava Prasad Mishra Memorial Tennis Ball Night Cricket Tournament April 2022 and Juice Corner on Satai road Chhatarpur. Needless to say: every picture is worth at least one thousand words. Hope you would like perusing and sharing it on social media sites. You can hire me for creation of taglines or content writing provided you are fair and square in paying your dues.

Chai Vibhag: What is possible with ten rupees?
What’s with MBBS?
Recognise anyone?
Why badminton? Why not Cricket, Tennis, Football, Skating or Basketball?
A glass of juice: morning mango juice full of multivitamin: only for ten rupees.
What’s the catch? Third world country flies with bees!
Who’s BD Anuragi from Dev Raw? How’s this person linked to RFS26?
Jog your memory: all answers are there!
Where are the records?
Why bother on a Wednesday morning in April?
Can you see Venus? Or Neptune?
Moon? Or East?
SBI Bada Malehera versus Champions Cricket Club Jhansi
Jhansi champion played two matches and then went back to where they came from: Jhansi
Who gives the verdict?
Still unable to find the dragon or the owner!

Bread and butter? No. Bread and water. Bought from Anjana Dairy.


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