1. I walked 24 rounds. Anti-clockwise. Inside stadium. I had a sprain in the right shoulder and I wanted to give it some rest. I didn’t run. There were not as many people today. I broke my previous record of 23 rounds. It seemed easier this time. (Based on Vrijpura experience: I can walk 50 rounds everyday! It means about three hours of walking everyday) I need to reduce flab on my tummy which is gradually increasing. I should continue to walk in evening as it’s the foundation for running. Morning bowling and evening walk should do the trick! All that you build up has to be maintained. Ah the rut!

2. Milind’s call kept me engaged. Couldn’t teach the kids. I enjoyed speaking to him. It was after a long time. He’s similar to Piyush in a way. Both of them seem to be intellectuals who connected with me because of my ideas and outlook on life.

Dazzling! 7 baloons

3. The earplugs were acting up. Now I need to buy another.(15 days for 50 rupees. Earplugs. Tennis balls. Internet recharges. Most minimalistic of lifestyles can’t be maintained. Regular getting of head shaved needs 50 rupees per week. Plus regular diet) The picture above was taken just outside the stadium where two gentlemen on bike were distributing sweets to kids who were standing near the lights. They asked me to take picture with kids but I didn’t because I am not sure of anything anymore. Piyush told me yesterday that it is illegal to take pictures of people without their consent. I click pictures of Sun and birds without their consent and if groups of people come in my way : I don’t bother to ask each one of them to give me space to take pictures but I need to be careful before I start making a million dollars per hour. Then I might be worth being sued. As of now : what I click or write is worth toilet paper or even lesser.

4. I played vocabulary jams. On three of them I scored 221 ranks. I want to play more if time allows.

5. Shri was happy today. She laughed a lot and scored well on test on clause. (45 out of 50) Her score in Hindi half-yearly exams is 56 marks out of 80. It’s less than 75 percent. Her friend scored 38 marks out of 80 which makes me a suitable candidate to teach her and I asked her to recommend me to her friend. But it’s not how it works here. I am anxious about her tomorrow’s test. After tomorrow we might be able to study new chapters and play some games of verbal intelligence. I need to buy another tennis ball.


6. The picture above was taken just in front of the Narasimha temple with the permission of the shop owner. I enjoyed teaching Rohan. Shops were all decorated with colors.

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