Another Dark Night Ends!

1. Took me 54 minutes to register 20 books.

2. Couldn’t bypass conversation of Nachiketa with Yama. The lure of Brahmavidya. I read about it in a book when I was six years old. The word Moksha means liberation. I later developed a vocabulary with at least 40 words for the concept of enlightenment or awakening. Did a guest post on James Harbeck’s blog on the same. The book “Tales From Upanishads,” has been written by Shri Shankar Dattatreya Dev and translated by Shrimati Shakuntala Pathak.

3. Came across Belgian author Matter link’s play Shab-e-taar or Dark Night. The book has been translated by Premchand. The standard preface in Urdu has been rendered beautifully with glossary of terms in the footnote. I clearly recall getting this book issued in the last iteration of registration. I enjoyed it a bit. Premchand was master of Hindu as well as Urdu prose.

4. Another dark night ends. It’s the truth realm. I know the way in and out of it. I had a brief discussion with the librarian as we sat outside his naturopathy clinic. It’s the dawn of the gods as per the Hindu calender.

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