Thisaway, or: Thataway

‘No way. Way!’, a d’Verse Quadrille Runaway, wayless, makes his way up dark areaway – to stowaway on a rockaway. Highwayman in jet cutaway strolling past purplish twayblades, reading stolen waybill, notes blond wayward flyaways. Hereaway’s no place for young tearaways, he smiles. Well, leastways we’re both of waygoing lifeways. The above poem is my take […]

Thisaway, or: Thataway

1. Thanks David and d’ verse!

2. My quadrille with 44 words:

Wayward warden dense mesne

Nescafe affects highway my way

Thyway ryeway ardent dentistriatedeterrantucleonasm

Asmeraldalda palindromes in Rome

Omegaye this way that way

Darkness eats essential oils

Boils roil coils recoil

Way lost

In permafrost

Prema roast

Host forgotten

Tenet costs

Tao boasts

Toasts nowayout!

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